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Houston Chowhounds Taco Truck Crawl #2

Man, news travels fast on Twitter.

On Friday, Houston Twitter user @aynsavoy dropped a simple suggestion:

“@GunsandTacos – Are you going to lead a taco truck crawl any time in the near future? Because I would totally  be down.”

She may have been referencing last year’s Houston Chowhound event, where a large group of taco fanatics took a tour of several taco trucks on Long Point in a large caravan involving lawnchairs and beer. The Houston Chowhounds are a 500+ group of Houston foodies that schedule all kinds of food-related events.

Before I could reply (much), dozens of  Twitter responses, emails and comments on my latest post on were thrown around. Houston food celebrity Jenny Wang (@imneverfull), prominent foodie blogger, founder of the Houston ChowHounds and recent radio personality on 1560’s new Southbound Food show thought it was a great idea as well, which pretty much sealed the deal.

30 people formally requested to sign up for updates to the taco crawl on the first day. Jenny formally assigned a hashtag of #TCC2 to reference the event. After some discussion, the event date was set for October 25th, 2009, which is on a Sunday (requested by Textile’s award-winning dessert chef Plinio Sandalio).

So how do I lead this expedition, following in the footsteps of the first Houston Taco Truck Crawl?  The taco trucks chosen for the first epic adventure were loosely based on Robb Walsh’s Top Ten Taco Trucks list, diligently composed in 2007. There’s no telling how much blood, sweat and salsa went into composing that list, which I’ve referenced once or twice in previous posts.

My Houston area taco truck favorites span far and wide. It’s going to be tough choosing a few favorites and navigating a chosen path, a yellow adobe road of tacos- but hell, that’s what I do. If you’d like to participate in the event, you can sign up here or just email me and I’ll keep you updated on the details.

Click your heels together, folks. We’re going for a ride.

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9 Responses to “Houston Chowhounds Taco Truck Crawl #2”

  1. CandacitaBonita says:

    I <3 Tacos.

  2. apronless says:

    Did you get hooked up with Jay Francis’ PDF of the trucks that were visited on the last crawl? I can send it to you if you don’t have it.
    .-= apronless´s last blog ..My Pita Poofed! =-.

  3. danni jaw says:

    Count me in! Super excited

  4. aynsavoy says:

    Woo hoo! So excited. =) And actually, I knew that a taco truck crawl had happened, but really I just like your blog posts and have a hankering for some tacos.
    .-= aynsavoy´s last blog ..aynsavoy: Man, @GTello always posts awesme links. RT Little Red Riding Hood, information graphics style (RT @Xin1120) =-.

  5. Jesse says:

    if you need pre-crawl scouts, let me know

  6. Kyle says:

    A taco truck tale. When Robb Walsh’s Las Fabulosas Taco Trucks article came out I went to try the one at Westheimer and Fondren, one with a Venezuelan influence. I had the patacon on Walsh’s recommendation, which was a ham sandwich with the ‘bread’ made of fried plaintains. It was great! The owner looked curious and asked me what brought me to his truck. I pulled the Press issue out of the car and showed it to him.

    He looked shocked. “That’s my truck!”, he said, pointing excitedly at the picture. He read the snippet on his truck seemingly captivated by every word. Halfway through he started crying because he was so happy. It must be overwhelming to get reviewed by a press outlet when you thought you were just making good street food for working men and women.

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  8. iris says:

    is there going to be a port-a-potty crawl afterwards?! lol.

    I’ll be the one selling Depends!

    kidding, sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  9. I’m a huge fan of your site and I check it regularly. Keep up the good work!

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