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Who is this guy?

Hello, the name’s Jay. I work for a Houston tech company during the daytime, and I work part-time at Top Gun Range.

I was in the US Navy for a while, stationed in San Diego, and instead of paying a ridiculous amount of rent in the 2nd highest price-of-living neighborhood in the US, I came up with this great idea to live in Tijuana instead.  I commuted to work on a trolley that went from San Diego to San Ysidro (the border), and learned to take the red taxis instead of the yellow taxis. I had to learn Spanish really quickly. I paid $75 per month for my apartment, which I shared with a few local folks. I learned a lot about good people, and I learned a lot about people who promote donkey shows and carry knives. I learned how to open beer bottles with my teeth. The most important thing I learned was this fact:

FACT: Tijuana has the best taco stands in the world.

There are magnificent taco stands everywhere in Texas, and a great many taco stands in California. But no single taco stand that I have tried has ever held a candle to the Taco Stands of Tijuana.

I’ve learned to accept this fact, after sampling tacos from every taco stand I’ve been able to find in Texas, California and Mexico. Sure, there are top-ten lists and articles from famous and semi-famous food critics about many of these stands, but man, nobody knows tacos like I know tacos.

And I can’t wait to tell you about each and every one of them.

If I’m not shooting guns or drinking in shady bars, chances are I’m probably eating tacos somewhere. Let me know what you think about the site! If you’d like to review a taco stand yourself, just shoot me an email with the name, address, and some pictures of the taco joint, as well as some taco pictures. I’ll be glad to put it up. If you’d like to see your favorite Houston area taco truck on this site, let me know and I’ll check it out.

Furthermore, I’d like to add more taco stands to the map on the homepage, so if you’d like to snap a picture with your phone (or not), and send me the address or intersection, I’d like to put it on the taco map. These tacos are made for you and me, amigo.
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