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G&T For Mayhem

In this dark world of corrupt Yellow Cab drivers, tow truck vultures, and politicians with deep pockets and dark secrets, a swarm of evil has infected our landscape. Auto-tune technology has destroyed our airwaves. People are afraid to visit a bar or restaurant without first looking it up on Yelp.  Women are wearing Uggs.

Although the future may appear to be hopeless, the answer lies in anarchy, chaos and destruction. Fear not the Karsdashians, the Adam Levines, the Regis Philbins and Ryan Seacrests of this world; for their time is limited. Stand up and fight for mayhem, and we can take the law into our own hands.

A special thanks to for their great work on these.

Cinco de Mayo and Ignacio Zaragoza
Les Blank on the Mexico-Texas Border

2 Responses to “G&T For Mayhem”

  1. Mandy [favouritethings] says:

    Ha! Love me some BuildASign … they’re a wonderful sponsor/supporter of Lemonade Day. Nice job. And I would totally vote for you. For whatever. But especially for Mayhem.

  2. Scott Palermo says:

    Right on. I saw the sign on westheimer last week. You know, it might have been around for a while, who knows,(yea, you do, that’s who). Anyway, I type it into Google because, if there is anything I want right now, it’s a “Guns and Tacos for mayhem” t-shirt,(even if it’s against the idea). I find myself just saying it aloud during the day, at random times,(guns and tacos for mayhem). I like how it sounds leaving my mouth, echoing in the distance. So, after I type it in, well, here Iam. I’m overjoyed that it’s more than just a sign on a fence. Did I say, Fuck yea…well now I’ve said it. Rock the fuck on dude.

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