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Chili Bob’s Houston Eats

Way before the blog you’re reading got started, there was Chili Bob’s Houston Eats. It’s not pretty. It’s got a suffix on it. His food photos could use some work. I think his first name is Bruce.


Here is his humble mantra. (Read in Kevin Spacey’s voice for added effect.)

I’m a food explorer and reporter, not a restaurant critic, a food nerd rather than a foodie or fooderatti. This blog records my excursions exploring Houston’s great diversity of eateries with an emphasis on ethnic and national cuisines, peasant food and neighborhood eateries as opposed to haute cuisine or trendy foodie hot spots plus some Texas specialties like barbeque and sausage. These are the sorts of places that make Houston such a great place to live and eat out. The blog is mostly about places that are new to me instead of old favorites and there’s a little emphasis on places in the southwestern corner of the city, where I live, but I do roam all over. I don’t make recommendations, I just report what I had.

Chili Bob is a mystery. He isn’t on Twitter. He doesn’t get nominated for anything. You won’t see him at any foodie functions. He doesn’t get invited to be a food judge at foodie events. He doesn’t go on Houston Chowhound food crawls or throwdowns. He will not be featured on Cleverly Stone’s morning show, or wear a navy blazer to a Culturemap gala.  He doesn’t enjoy handcrafted cocktails at Beaver’s on industry night.  If asked to participate in a Cadillac Challenge, I assume that he would respond like Edward Norton responded to his office manager in Fight Club.

No one  has ever seen a photo of Chili Bob.

Yet Chili Bob’s blog tells more about Houston’s food scene diversity than any other, aside of established food critics that do this for a living. Maybe even more so.

His blog is an unintentional testament to the diversity of Houston food.  Look at the categories on the left side of the page. Keep scrolling. And scrolling.

He finds everything. Every time I find a new taco truck, he finds a damn tunnel underneath it that leads to some Guatemalan turkey soup, Ethiopian beets, or  South Indian lentil donuts.

Read and enjoy.

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  1. MJ says:

    Amen. I love Chili Bob. I think he posts on Houston Chowhounds boards as brucesw. I could be wrong about that.

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